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Wed, Jul. 3rd, 2013, 10:09 pm
Thought I'd put this old seashell up to my ear...

So, I read an article that "Exile In Guyville" is, like, FIFTY YEARS OLD THIS YEAR.  And since I read that, my play-list has looked much like my play-list from 1993 - 1998 - all Liz, all the time.  Some thoughts: 1.  Congratulations, your life has become your favorite album from when you were 18.  An album that made you think "I'll never be that jaded, sad, or glamorous".  2.  How was Liz Phair SO SMART so young????!?!?!*  3.  How much of my brain is taken up by 90's lyrics that can be filled with important, work related stuff?  4.  BOYFRIEND OF TODAY:  You are "Strange Loop".  Believe me, you are way better off than boyfriends of 2002 (Fuck and Run) or 1997 (Shatter).  5.  Carrie of 2013 has a waaaaay better stereo than Carrie of 1993.  *I f you say "because of her producer" or "the Stones" you do not have a vagina.  xoxo CH 111111/ JIFAOSJ [Ruit [1111.Con gr